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l Repointing of brick and stone work

  0113 4144425   07957759077


repointing specialists

 Leeds lime repointing specialists


0113 4144425  07957759077

pointing is the mortar infill between the is primary weather proofing of the facade,and is very important to the structural integrity of the building

we can under take partial or total repointing

some times if the pointing between the brickwork is so weak that running your hand across loosens it

then the actions of try to remove with brushes ect will make it worse and should be repointed any way

we can organise patch pointing redoing the missing bits or whole scale repointing of the entire facade 

pointing styles and colour vary according to the clients individual taste

but we recommend the smallest most unobtrusive joint so as to emphasise the brick work

quality repointing will totally rejuvenate tired looking buildings amd totally trasform your home